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We’ve got a mission.  We only sell blades that we would use ourselves.  Learn why.

Now in stock: Steel Feders by Szymon Chlebowski!

Beautiful blades for training or competing.

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Jkoo Swords

Traditional weapons create with modern technologies by master craftsmen

Kaneie Swords

Beautiful, functional blades for intermediate-advanced practitioners.

Leather Tsuba

Beautiful, hand-crafted leather works.

Ludmila Vankova-Svozilova Jewelry

Sword jewelry for fencers and much more!

Martial Arts Swords

High-quality Japanese and Korean swords for advanced practitioners.


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Quality HEMA products from England for beginner-intermediate fencers.


Some of the best protective gear available in HEMA.

Szymon Chlebowski Swords

High-quality swords from renowned blade smith Szymon Chlebowski

Tristan Zukowski

Hand-made accessories by Tristan Zukowski, head HEMA instructor at Sword Class NYC.

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