Steel Two-Handed Federshwert by Szymon Chlebowski


Handmade training sword (federschwert) by renowned Polish blacksmith, Szymon Chlebowski.  Meets all HEMA training and competition requirements.

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We love Szymon Chlebowski’s swords.  Fantastic balance (~2.5″ from crossguard, just above the schilt), comfortable feel in the hands, and the loudest tachi kaze (“sword wind”) you’ve ever heard!  This is a result of Szymon’s signature fuller and wide rounded edge, rewarding your well-aligned cuts with a satisfying whoosh! sound every time.

These blades are available in two weights: standard and light.  The standard blade is ~3.5lbs and the light blade is ~2.5lbs, perfect for practitioners looking for a slightly lighter, livelier feel to their sword.

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Weight 3 lbs
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